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We all grew up with the story of El Dorado and the city of gold. Amidst the myths about the treasure, for centuries explorer after explorer came to both North and South America in search of the treasure of a lifetime. We fast forward to today and El Gato token along with its lending partners are going to show you the way to roads paved in gold. We are experts in the lending industry and with over 100 years of experience in lending you can come bask in the riches with us as we are the next 5000x coin that brings utility to an industry that has little innovation in 200 years. 

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We built a community of lending so those who want to share in this decentralized journey through crypto currency will have the chance to do so

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El Gato chose to partner with its creators main company and tap into an unchanged industry that has been stagnant for decades. With our partner we have combined 100 years of experience in the Auto and Real Estate industry to be able to create a token that will change banking forever. Our goal is to create a market cap value and sale of El Gato through the strong Crypto Community and use those token sales and market cap to fuel lending in the Auto industry. 


The same community that supports the first major credit purchase in life would be lost if we didn’t journey with you into the Real Estate and home buying aspect of lending. Who would El Gato be if you couldn't follow him to the home of your dreams. Through the same partnership we intend to provide Real estate loans through and for the crypto community and as it grows so will that community. The innovation in these spaces is endless as the banks of old have controlled the space for centuries.

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As a community we are able to accept payment under any crypto currency willing to partner with El Gato. As a community we can offer exclusive rates for those a part of the El Gato Journey.  As we make loans and collect monthly payments for every Auto and Real Estate loan we can burn token supply and continue to push up the list of top 100 cryptos and beyond. As we grow being a crypto token would allow for international lending in all countries and payment accepted through crypto in all countries across the globe. 

Do you want to be apart of that Journey?

Auto and Real Estate Lending


While Gato Token may be new on the scene our team has been working diligently for a long time in the Auto Lending and Real Estate Lending space and here is a small sample size of the partners we work with.

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